Amazon Fire Stick

8,388 6,711 / year and a 3,000 One Off Payment

Package includes:

  • 12 Month HD TV Subscription
  • Access to a Massive Archive of Video On Demand
  • 7 Days of Recorded TV for most channels
  • 1 Amazon Fire Stick
  • Full Live Support from our British support team

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Our Amazon Fire Stick is ideal for anyone who does not have a full smart tv or anyone who wants to take their TV package with them. The Amazon Fire Stick plugs in to any TV with a HDMI port, which is all TVs that are HD.

All Fire Sticks are shipped from Metro Manila and are fully tested before being shipped. Cash On Delivery is available as a payment option. Shipping is free to anywhere in the Philippines. Orders are shipped within 3-5 business days.

Amazon Fire Stick

Your Amazon Fire Stick is delivered with our HD TV and VOD apps installed and ready to be used. You can also add more apps from the Amazon Store including NetFlix, Amazon Prime, YouTube and many, many more. You can take your Amazon Fire Stick with you wherever you go, simply plug it in to the TV, connect to the internet and watch your favorite TV Channels, Movies and Video On Demand.

Each Amazon Fire Stick is brand new, boxed and includes 1 Amazon Fire Stick, 1 Remote Control, 2 AA Batteries, 1 USB Charging Cable, 1 USB Charging Plug, 1 HDMI Extension Cable and a Manual/Leaflet.

12 Month HD TV Subscription

Your 12 Month HD TV Subscription provides you with access to over 2,700 TV Channels (majority available in Full HD) as well as 7 days of recorded TV for most channels, all accessible via your Amazon Fire Stick. Below are just a few of the popular channels included in your subscription.

Documentary Fan?

Indulge with our huge range of Documentary Channels

Looking for Entertainment?

You are sure to be entertained with our Entertainment Channels from around the world

Feeling sporty?

Check out our exhaustive Sports Channels!

Movie Night (or day)

Get the popcorn out!

Breaking News

Stay up to date with the latest news

Need a good beat?

Check out our Music Channels

Children’s Channels

The best channels for children of all ages

Massive Video On Demand Archive

Your fire stick will include a customized app that provides access to a massive video on demand archive. Now, when we say “massive” we mean truly massive. Think of anything that you would ever want to watch and it will be there. Really, it will. Our customers love this app and are amazed that it provides them with access to everything that they can imagine, including TV Series and Movies from the earliest shows and movies right up to the very latest releases.

Your Absolute Satisfaction is Our Aim

(and our reviews show that)

We work very hard to provide you with the best possible product and service so that you can play hard, kick back and relax. Check out these reviews that our amazing customers left on our facebook fanpage.

Notes & Recommendations

  • Your TV must have a HDMI port (all HD TVs have a HDMI port).
  • A minimum internet connection speed of 6Mbps is recommended for best performance.
  • Product design may differ slightly from product photos.
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