Returns Policy

We provide a full 12-month warranty for all items that we sell. If your product malfunctions, it can be returned to our service center where it will be inspected and either fixed or replaced.


We make every conceivable effort to ensure that all items are fully tested and confirmed as working before being shipped to our customers. This includes, but is not limited to:

Manufacturer Quality Tests

These are tests conducted by the manufacturer to ensure that the hardware and software pass their quality levels.

Our Quality Tests

We perform two tests, first when we receive the device from the manufacturer, each device is tested to ensure that it is performing properly. We then add the apps required for Live TV and perform a 15-minute test to ensure that channels are being received without buffering.

Quality of Internet

Unfortunately, we can not guarantee the quality of your internet as that is something outside of our control. However, our highly trained technical support staff will assist you in diagnosing the issue with your internet so that you can report it to your internet provider. Unlike streaming services like Netflix, Live TV Streams require a moderately stable connection. As such, we can not provide returns if the device is deemed to be fully working, but the issue is with the internet connection.